How to keep children’s equipment and belongings safe and organised

From day one many children come to nursery with essential items and belongings that parents do not want getting lost or confused with another child’s.

Parents regularly send their children to nursery in expensive coats and clothing and with toys without name labels, meaning they are at risk of being misplaced or mistakenly taken home by another child in a busy nursery environment.

This issue becomes more serious if the child has equipment relating to special dietary requirements or a medical condition.

More often than not, when items go missing parents are inclined to lay the blame for this with the nursery/preschool or even with an individual teacher.

Many schools and nurseries are now taking steps to prevent these mishaps occurring by encouraging parents to be organised and to label every item their child brings along with them to preschool or nursery.

My Nametags colour labels are perfect for the nursery environment. The labels are available in a variety of colours and with a large choice of small images – making them clear for both staff and for young children not of reading age as they can identify the image.

As well as being 100% waterproof and washproof, My Nametags colour stickers are suitable for both clothing labels and hard surfaces, and come with a 10 year guarantee. Therefore they are also perfect for nurseries wishing to label their own toys and equipment over a long period.

If you would like to order a set of leaflets for your parents and find out about My Nametags’ nursery fundraising scheme please contact Aternatively you can see the wide range available on the website