Would you let one of your students use an AK47 automatic weapon?

With the Virtual Physics Laboratory they can fire an AK47 at a ballistic balance and calculate the muzzle velocity of the shell – without the possibility of causing any harm.

This is just one of a set of 20 virtual Physics experiments that include many of the AQA required activities. They are extremely realistic and really do give the look and feel of doing the actual experiments, but there’s no setting up, nothing to break, wear out or steal and the equipment always works!

These virtual experiments can really save you time and be a big factor in your students gaining much more experience of practical science.

Have a look at our website here: http://www.keylinkcomputers.co.uk/virtualscienceexperiments.html

Where you can watch a video of the experiments in action and find a complete list of all the experiments. You will also find a couple of experiments you can try.

If you have any questions or would like a demonstration please do let me know.

Dr Rob Lucas MBCS CITP Cert Phys (Open)

“I thought that the controls were pretty easy to get used to and the detail in the apparatus was excellent being able to zoom in and see the set up of the multimeter and read scales, being careful of parallax. This type of software is most useful in experiments which can’t be done in the lab like the gravity on the moon or where the equipment is too expensive or difficult to use like the Millikan Oil drop.”
Physics Scholar Coordinator