A lesson in the art of (almost) everything

Is it really possible that an art class can raise the self-esteem of every pupil?

Put another way, can art, where children’s innate abilities seem to vary so greatly, have a positive effect on the social and emotional development of all pupils?

We believe the answer to that question is a resounding “yes” – and the mechanism to achieve this is a skills-based approach.

The lesson activities in our Painting is a Class Act and Drawing is a Class Act Series Packs for Key Stage 1 and 2 have been designed to focus on developing children’s painting and drawing skills, whilst at the same time boosting pupils’ self-esteem and confidence which in turn will help promote high standards in other curriculum areas.

In using the resources pupils will learn to record their ideas and experiences through drawing and painting, develop the ability to use the language of art to analyse creative works, expand their knowledge of great artists, and understand the historical and cultural development of their art forms.

The resources provide a structured, skills-based approach to the development of painting and drawing skills (and other skills that come with it) with easy-to-follow lesson plans, clear progression of skills to be taught, and examples of how these skills can be applied with examples of pupils’ artwork for every lesson.

Painting is a Class Act and Drawing is a Class Act Series Packs cover all the National Curriculum Programmes of Study relating to painting and drawing respectively, and have been designed to support non-specialist art teachers in teaching art and to inspire the experienced.

What’s more, the Drawing is a Class Act resources are winners of Best Curriculum Material in the Global Learning Initiative Awards at Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2006.

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