What is one of the most effective ways of supporting your new teachers?

What is one of the most cost effective ways
of supporting your new teachers?

Since the introduction of the 2012 Teaching Standards, there has been a lack of guidance and support to ensure schools are delivering successful NQT induction programmes.

At ‘Teachers’ CPD Made Easy’ we have addressed this gap. As trainers, we have used our 12 years’ experience to produce a complete NQT Induction package, ready for you to personalise to your school context. We believe that you know your staff best which is why our sessions are written to be delivered fully or adapted and personalised, saving you valuable time to maximise your impact across the school.

Our NQT Programme incorporates 15 generic training sessions which encourage new teachers to use their classroom experiences to analyse, critique and move their practice forward whilst enhancing their subject passion and pre-empting their termly needs. Covering challenge, engagement, differentiation, planning and marking to name a few, our sessions are varied, relevant and purposeful.

If you would like to find out more about this programme or any of the other packages we have to offer, visit us at www.teacherscpd.co.uk to download a free training sample. The website offers detailed information about each individual session available and an opportunity to subscribe to receive our monthly blogs which share our good practice and ideas in staff training.

For more information about using any of our products or for bespoke training request contact: jo@teacherscpd.co.uk.