Preparing for the 2016 written arithmetic tests

What are the two fundamentals required for children to reach their potential in the 2016 Arithmetic Tests in KS1 and KS2?

For children to be able to reach their maximum potential in the 2016 KS1 and KS2 Arithmetic Tests they clearly need two things: to understand the relevant maths, and to be used to the format and style of the tests they will take.

Which is why we have produced the new photocopiable practice papers in Written Arithmetic prepared specifically for the 2016 syllabus.

Each book contains six photocopiable test papers, similar in style to the new government tests for 2016, and the volumes are available either as printed copies within a book, or as PDFs in an e-book, or as a download from the web site.

Answers are provided, along with assessment score indications at the levels of

Below National Standard
Towards the National Standard
At the National Standard
Above the National Standard
Mastery of the National Standard
The Practice Papers in Written Arithmetic books for Year 2 and Year 6 are available now. Books for Years 3, 4 and 5 will follow.

We have also produced the photocopiable book, Weekly Written Arithmetic Questions for Year 6, in support of the practice papers to develop pupils’ written arithmetic abilities in their final year of primary school. Books for Years 1 to 5 will follow.

This volume contains 30 pages of carefully graded arithmetic questions, each with their own full page answer sheet, and covers topics such as, number, calculations and fractions.

The price for the books depends on the format required:

Paper book in post £17.95
PDF in post £15.95 + VAT
Download from website £13.95 + VAT
As always, you can order any of our resources in the following ways:

On our website
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