Edexcel Music Technology AS and A2

Support material for the written questions in units 2 & 4 prepared by teachers and examiners of Music Technology

This revised and updated resource will provide you with helpful information for teaching the history of popular music and jazz, as well as the development of music technology.

The CD-ROM contains several PowerPoint’s and revision material including:


1 – Nine PowerPoint’s giving a brief outline of the development of popular music and Jazz (Including
interactive video links illustrating key artists and styles)

2 – Two detailed PowerPoint’s for this year’s special focus styles (Electronic Dance / Punk & New

3 – Homework sheets and revision material


1 – Eleven PowerPoint’s giving detailed information on various topics including effects and
processors; digital and analogue recording; synthesis and microphones

2 – Revision material associated with each of the topics above

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be used throughout the purchasing establishment.

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Encouraging independence among your pupils

What is the most effective way to encourage independence among your pupils now, so that they will be prepared for the primary to secondary transition ahead?

Naturally, for some pupils the transition to secondary school can be overwhelming – bigger buildings, bigger people, more people, more classrooms, more information to remember, and indeed, a lot more homework.

Which is why it makes it so important that each and every pupil looking forward to the transition is as prepared as they can be, so that they will thrive academically, emotionally, and socially in their new, bigger, and more complex environment and routine.

This can be achieved by making slight adjustments to their school routine towards the end of their primary education which will mimic the routine and additional responsibilities they will encounter when they start secondary school.

Just as one example, by issuing your older pupils with a homework diary, anything to do with their homework becomes their complete responsibility (as it will be at secondary school).

Everything from writing in their homework – including what it is and the date it is due in by, looking at their diary when they get home, completing the homework and returning it by the due date.

A homework diary also brings the added benefit of increased communication between the pupil, their parents and other teachers as comments about the difficulty of the homework and the pupil’s progress (for example) can be written in for the necessary people to see.

Image Logo UK has designed a Desk Mate Homework Diary which is suitable for such an ‘independence-encouraging’ exercise and which is also used in a number of UK secondary schools across the country.

And to make the exercise more authentic we will print a personalised cover on each of the homework diaries to represent your school.

Such branding of the homework diaries will not only encourage parents to get on board with the exercise, but will also reassure them that the school is doing everything to help their son or daughter with the transition ahead, which can be overwhelming for the parents too.

And, given that you can have the school name and phone number on the homework diary, then if anything is lost there is a reasonable chance that it will be returned to the school.

You can find more information about our Desk Mate Homework Diary on our website. If you require any other information or have any questions please do email sales@image-logo.co.uk or call 0845 758 9536.

Delivery normally takes 15-20 working days from artwork approval, but just in case time is tight we do have a wide range of Express items which could be turned around in 5 days (from artwork approval).

What’s more, if you are considering getting any other branded items for your school, Image Logo UK Ltd has a wide range of different products available, all of which can be marked up with any details of the school that you wish. You can see the whole range on our e-book.

Nicole Carter

Developing the skills of sympathy and empathy in young children

How can we encourage our younger pupils to engage in meaningful conversation with their classmates at break times and lunchtimes?

It is important that at break times and lunchtimes children are given not only the opportunity to socialise through play but also the opportunity to socialise through meaningful conversation in order to develop vital social skills, such as empathy and sympathy.

But, as with most things, in order to encourage something (particularly of this nature) the environment has to be just right. And in the case of encouraging meaningful conversation among young children, any distractions and interference from adults needs to be limited.

We have taken this notion into consideration and as a result have supplied many primary schools with our multi-coloured junior picnic table. It creates just such an environment through its small square design and smaller dimensions.

The multi-coloured junior picnic table invites children into conversation and maintains their attention due to the direction that the seats face and the number of conversations that can be had with the other (different) children sitting at the bench.

We also supply a number of benches designed for older children (bigger dimensions) with each portraying a different benefit of use so that you can create a playground environment that is best suited to your school and your pupils.

What’s more, the benches that we supply are often available in an array of colours (sometimes multi-coloured), so it is possible to create the environment that you want, perhaps by matching the colour of the benches to your school’s colours.

To see our wide range of outdoor seating for schools, please visit our website, or if you would like to talk about what might be suitable for your school, please do call 01280 701093.

Michael Barnes

Solving the left handed issue

What is the simplest way for a left handed person to
achieve perfect handwriting?

Many left handed pupils and students find handwriting difficult. Some reverse d’s and b’s, some smudge their work, some report physical discomfort, such as backache and hand ache as they write.

Yet although many left handed people battle on with this problem, the solution to the issue left handed people face in writing is quite simple: it is to provide them with pens that are designed specifically for those who write with their left hand.

This is the issue we have approached, and after considerable experimentation and research we evolved the ideal solution – a pen with an S bend neck and grip area.
Such a pen enables left-handed writers to hold the pen comfortably at a balanced angle and easily view all letters and words as they are written. In other words the left handed writer and the right handed writer are now set up on an equal footing.

Indeed so successful was the experimentation that led to the production of this solution, the resultant Swan Neck Pens have passed all the requisite British Standards approvals including EN71 part 1, 2, 3 and BS7272 2008.

You can see a video of the pen being used by a left handed writer here.

Obviously these pens are now being sold to left-handed adults for their own use and for use by their children, but we are also currently offering a special 20% educational discount. This is available to schools if you quote the reference “Learning 0124” and where we are delivering to the school address.

For more information please…

● Call 01454 325873.
● Email: Schools@swanneckpen.com
● See our website at www.swanneckpen.com
● Write to us at Swanneck, 151 Sydney Street, Chelsea, London, SW3 6NT