International Literacy Day

Activities, puzzles and games for
International Literacy Day
(8th September 2015)

International Literacy Day comes around every year, so facts such as “1 in 5 adults can’t read”, “two thirds of the illiterate population are women”, and “a child born to a literate mother is 50% more likely to survive past the age of 5” are well-known by many adults in the UK.

Yet it is often surprising how unaware many pupils are of the global problems regarding illiteracy and the impact that being illiterate can have on individuals, families, communities, and indeed, whole countries.

With the celebration of International Literacy Day in schools pupils’ eyes are opened to the fact that where there are high rates of unemployment, poor health, crime, and dependence on social welfare or charity (if available) illiteracy can be found.

If your school is looking to support International Literacy Day (8th September 2015), we offer Bumper Books of Literacy Fun (levels 1 to 4) that pupils can readily work through, together with other awareness-raising activities.

Each book is packed full of creative, structured puzzles and games that have been designed to provide extra fun activities to reinforce reading and spelling.

Topic areas include rhyming, auditory and visual discrimination, memory, proofreading, syllable awareness, high frequency ‘irregular’ words, basic grammar, and language enrichment and extension.

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