GCSE English Literature made easy with cost-efficient photocopiable teaching resources

Written by experienced English teachers and subject matter experts, these photocopiable resources will help any new or experienced GCSE English Literature teacher deliver lessons. The resources are suitable for A-C students and all have a strong emphasis on supporting:

  • The evaluation of how language, structure and form contribute to writers’ presentation of ideas, themes and settings
  • The relation of texts to their social, cultural and historical contexts
  • The creation of creative, informed and relevant responses to the texts, using appropriate terminology and concepts

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GCSE English Literature Activity Packs – what do you get?

  1. Section-by-section and whole text activities covering themes, language, extracts and characters
  2. Activities that are fully matched to Assessment Objectives so that you can ensure full coverage for exams and controlled assessments
  3. Engaging and innovative tasks: fully differentiated to suit your class.

GCSE English Literature Study Guides – what do you get?

  1. Detailed notes on every chapter or main section of the novel to aid strong comprehension
  2. Questions & tasks interspersed throughout to support learning & effective revision
  3. Thorough examination guidance & practice

Texts covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Literary Heritage texts such as A Christmas Carol, Animal Farm, Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
  • Different Culture texts such as Of Mice and Men, Anita and Me, To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Modern novels such as About a Boy, Lord of the Flies, The Woman in Black
  • Shakespeare texts such as Julius Ceaser, Macbeth, Twelfth Night
  • Modern plays such as A View from the Bridge, An Inspector Calls, The History Boys

Our independent reviews and satisfied customers say:

“Cuts down on planning and resource development considerably. Saves so much time!” C Davies, Assistant Head of English and satisfied customer

“This is one of the best resources I’ve ever reviewed for ZigZag and I’m looking forward to using it with my own students. Thank you! The activity pack offers a real range of interesting and imaginative approaches to gaining a deep understanding of the text which never loses sight of assessment. Students will feel that they are making progress with the text; teachers will know that they are.” [Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Activity Pack] M Courtney-Holt, English Lecturer and Independent Reviewer

“Excellent. A thorough, interactive guide to the book which should be purchased by any school teaching this book. lead to thorough knowledge and understanding of the text. A lot of work gone into this. Thanks, that’s a big job done for me in preparing for next year.” R Lodge, HoD and Independent Reviewer

To see our full range and to preview all resources visit our website: http://zigzag.at/US60

ZigZag resources are available as a ‘photocopy master’ with one site licence (as priced) allowing you to pay once and photocopy as often as you need. Additional site licences are also available at a discounted price. For electronic versions of the resource, add an additional 30% for PDF or 50% for PDF and Word; order these to upload the resource onto your internal server for multiple uses.

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