AQA GCSE Psychology (Unit One Modules 6-10)

As students face a subject that is totally new to them so they require information of different types presented in different ways.

For example, they need a course overview, and also need step-by-step guides. Equally they need a course reader, and individual PowerPoints plus tasks to undertake, and summary handouts.

In October we published Unit One Modules 1 – 5 and following the success of this, we are continuing with Modules 6-10.

This pack is intended to accompany such course textbooks as AQA Psychology, GCSE by Stanley, Boswell, Harris, Helliwell and McKenzie. Each PowerPoint within the pack follows the AQA specifications and is accompanied by teaching notes, ideas, tasks, hand-outs and activities.

Each module has a PowerPoint that covers the specifications in a progressive, informative way and the accompanying manual contains teaching notes for each slide.

The manual also contains a multitude of resources including: worksheets, workbooks, information sheets, multi-choice questions (with answers), practice examination questions and crossword puzzles (with answers).

This resource contains 203 copiable masters with 194 PowerPoint slides on a CD. The price is £79.99 + VAT.

You can purchase both GCSE Psychology – Modules 1-5 and GCSE Psychology – Modules 6-10 for the special price of £99.99 + VAT.

Once purchased the CD can be freely copied and networked throughout the school.

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