Selected holidays during the school breaks – at lower than normal prices

Imagine a situation in which holidays taken during the school break were no more expensive than the rest of the year.

Imagine that all you had to do was to click on the holiday period you were interested in (Christmas, February half term etc) and then a list of holidays appeared that fitted in with the school closure.

From Andorra to Transylvania from Christmas markets to river cruises, every possible option is covered. Disneyland? Eastern Europe?… whatever you are looking for, we have it.

Finding the holiday for you is in fact incredibly simple. You click on the button which selects the date of the holiday you are looking for, and as a result what you will get is a selection of tours and excursions all set around the specific need of teachers.

Our coaches run from around 490 local joining points and you can select from a vast number of tours which are available during school holidays.

To see all the holiday options please visit our website –

To claim a 10% saving, you will need to call us on 0844 324 8557, quote the reference – ‘TEACH’ and provide us with the name and address of the school that you work for and your position within it.