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Orchard House Studios, Kilmington Common, Warminster, BA126QY

: 01985 844820 brings information and inspiration through hundreds of short interviews with young people who enjoy their work. Filmed in the workplace, the interviews give students an understanding of careers they may enjoy, and gives them the motivation to study well to reach those goals.


  • Role models for all skill levels and industries
  • Searchable by: qualifications, subject, industry, strengths, lifestyle
  • A wealth of supporting materials
  • Easy access on or off campus with automatic log in
  • Full integration with all VLEs

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A Daily News Service that helps to raise standards in literacy across the curriculum

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The Day chooses three of the most interesting stories in the news each day and provides analysis, background, curriculum links, further research ideas, activities and debates – all on one sheet of A4 or online.

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