How prepared are you when you come across a child with SEN?

The number of children who have special educational needs has increased hugely in recent years, and the wide variety of syndromes and conditions they experience, often as a result of developmental delays, can be daunting for both the parents and the staff who support them. This rise in cases is evidenced by Government findings that 21% of today’s pupils have Special Education Needs, nearly double the total for 1990. 10% of pupils with Special Education Needs have been given statements.

Many parents find it extremely difficult to manage their child’s behaviour or even understand the causes.

To help support staff and parents in Children’s Centres the details of 43 of the most common and equally most often misunderstood special needs are given in 2 books: A Guide to Syndromes and Conditions and A Guide to More Syndromes and Conditions. In each case the condition is defined in terms of the characteristics and symptoms and then details of strategies and treatments followed by details of other useful resources.

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