People and the Planet: A 72 page full colour set of worksheets for just £10 plus VAT

This is the GCSE Geography Revision Guide for the Edexcel B syllabus Unit 2, People and the Planet.

For each topic it covers the key terms, and asks and answers fundamental questions such as “how and why is population changing?”

It also covers specific issues of interest, such as the particular situation affecting Russia’s declining population, while Yemen’s population is growing quickly.

There are detailed graphs, analyses of the factors driving change, the advantages and disadvantages of having an aging population, and numerous examples of differing government policies.

The full contents list is…

Topic 1: Population Dynamics
Topic 2: Consuming resources
Topic 3: Living spacesTopic 4: Making a living
Topic 5: Changing cities
Topic 6: Changing countryside
Topic 7: Development dilemmas
Topic 8: World of Work

At the end there are practical exam questions for each topic.

The volume is only available as a download – not as a printed book.

There are sample pages at

GCSE Geography Revision Guide: People and the Planet is published as a download so that you can receive immediately a copy onto your computer which you can print out for colleagues as often as you want. You can also put it on your school learning platform so all staff can access the document – and indeed you can make it part of the induction documentation for new members of staff.

You can obtain GCSE Geography Revision Guide: People and the Planet by going to

The price is £10 plus VAT (the VAT can be reclaimed in most cases by the school).

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