UCAS Personal Statement App

“A brilliant app! I love the fluidity of the app, making the whole task of the personal statement easy, practical and enjoyable.”
Emily Folkes

The most time-consuming part of the UCAS process is the personal statement. It needn’t be. This app helps create the best possible personal statement as straightforwardly as possible – from start to finish.

“ As soon as I opened the app I felt comfortable. I knew I would be able to use the app and the statement would be achievable!” Mitali Agarwal

Designed by a sixth form tutor for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, the app allows your students to plan, and structure their statement in easy stages – maximising their time. It explains the UCAS system and what university admissions officers are looking for. Then it shows students how to create, shape, edit and view their statement – wherever they are. They simply follow the app’s step-by-step advice to write a highly effective and individual personal statement.


5th, 6th and 7th September – half price – only £1.49!



“I know how difficult it can be for students to put together an impressive personal statement. This app allows students to read a section for advice and then apply that advice to their own statement all on the same place. It’s intuitive and easy to use, providing practical assistance for the daunting task of writing your personal statement.

Well done for bringing UCAS advice into the 21st Century!” *****

Alex Newman, sixth form tutor, Yarm School

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The App:
Speeds up the process
Saves time for Sixth Form Heads, tutors and students
Gives weaker students a structure to follow
Allows high-flyers to concentrate on their studies
Instills confidence in the student handing them the initiative
Achieves excellent statements
Maximises students’ use of time
Makes a daunting process straightforward
Provides step-by-step no-nonsense stages
Removes pressure at a stressful time for students and tutors in their busiest term
Guides students through the essential redrafting process
Includes a range of highly successful university commended statements
Displays the full statement in pdf or plain text ready to print
Allows statement to be cut and pasted into UCAS Apply
Includes character and space count keeping the statement to the required length

Advice you can trust
Based on a best-selling book used by many of the best schools and colleges in the UK, the UCAS Personal Statement App is packed with experience and expertise, tried and tested information and advice that you can trust.

The App’s creator, sixth form tutor, Paul Telfer, has been guiding his tutees through their personal statements for over 25 years.

Paul says:
“The personal statement process can be so much more immediate on an App. Students simply read the advice and apply it there and then.”

User reviews:
“It’s sharp and clear, but most importantly not condescending – it has heart unlike so many other apps on the market.”

“The interface is great on my iPhone, the app is fast and I like the small touches such as character count.

“I LOVED how it was all split up into the five stages. This is the main reason I would recommend it. It made the personal statement seem achievable.”

“The screen where you can draft the statement is very easy to use, particularly the fact that you can navigate through the different sections of your statement and see the character count.”

“Brilliant to use on the iPad.”

The app is great. The 5 steps of writing the statement break everything down concisely and effectively.

Fantastically simple to use. For the help and confidence it’s given me I’d seriously recommend it.

Great app for anyone attempting to write a personal statement – clear guidelines and simple to use but with some expert advice.

Really helps you get started. Simple and easy to use. Lots of advice. I actually feel like I can do this now!

“The app is great, really easy to use and will definitely help me with my statement. My dad was really impressed too!”

This is fantastic! So easy to navigate, concise and inspirational. I would recommend this app to anyone about to write their personal statement and if you have already composed yours, download this anyway and then take a second look at it!

This is a great app. The book got interviews for my two children at Oxford and Cambridge. The app is even better!

Android and Blackberry versions to follow