Giving Mr Gove what he wants

Of course, the problem with giving Mr Gove all he wants is that he seems to want quite a lot of things quite quickly.

So for the moment we’ve focussed on one specific want of the minister – the teaching of times tables up to 12.

We started from the premise that for children to progress with maths they not only need to be able to recall their tables, but they also need to understand what it means to multiply and divide and be able to use their tables to solve problems.

Additionally we know that if we get children to enjoy the process of learning the times tables, that will make the learning a lot faster.

Our resultant resource produced a significant improvement in children’s understanding of the times tables in the trial schools where it was used. What’s more, at the beginning 86 per cent of the children said they hated times tables and thought they were boring but at the end of the year 90 per cent said they loved them.

The Mighty Multiples Times Table Challenge is designed to appeal to all children whatever their learning style as it uses a visual, auditory and kinaesthetic approach.

Characters such as Long Jump Jim and Backstroke Brenda have their own poems and songs, with recordings on the CD as well as activities to enthuse the children about learning the times tables.

Suitable for reception children through to year 6, this resource has been produced to teach times tables by developing a clear understanding of how to use and apply the knowledge to division and word problems, and not simply learning by rote.

Integral problem-solving is included allowing children to learn to use and apply their times tables in real life situations.

The resource includes a motivational rewards system using bronze, silver, gold and platinum rewards, badges and certificates and contains everything you need – from group games to number fans and visual grouping activities to songs and poems, as well as assessment activities.

What’s more, you can get parents involved with the tips sheets that are included for use at the park, while shopping and in the car, making times tables relevant to everyday life.

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