Philosophical Arguments

A problem faced by students lies in the fact that core philosophical arguments are very often buried in discursive text and can be difficult to discern. This resource book of philosophical arguments presents and discusses such arguments, and where relevant looks at individual philosophers, in a way that is accessible and comprehensible to students. After each argument there is an explanation – where necessary – of each part of the argument, followed by discussion of any problems or issues arising. Finally there are questions and points for discussion.

Philosophical Arguments by Paul Hill is written primariy for students who are taking the AQA AS level course in philosophy. It covers the modules concerning Theory of Knowledge, Moral Philosophy and Philosophy of Religion.

Some of the material on God and Moral Philosophy will also be useful to students of A level Religious Studies whose course includes some Philosophy of Religion and Ethics. Of particular relevance are sections on: arguments for the existence of God; faith, reason and belief; religious experience; God and morality; miracles.

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