Can learning about finance really be entertaining for pupils?

Penny Wise is ten. She wants to know what ‘money’ is all about and why grown-ups make such a fuss about it. So she decides to keep a journal of her discoveries about bills, taxes, borrowing and saving.

The ‘Penny Wise’ books (for KS2 pupils) are informative, visual, amusing and entertaining. They are supported by teacher’s books containing photocopiable activity sheets. You can see sample pages on our website.

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ICT Information and Services

Is there a way of improving students’ workrate and concentration in lessons?
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Is it possible to improve your students’ performance in lessons?

We all want to be sitting comfortably at a lecture or meeting when we have to concentrate on what the speaker’s saying. In fact if we don’t feel comfortable then it’s usually more difficult to keep track of what’s going on.

It’s no different for our students!

The solution could simply be to replace any chairs which are past their “sell by” date. It’s also possible to obtain “tamperproof” IT chairs which, as the name suggests, make it hard for students to unscrew components and walk off with them!

For a selection of chairs why not view the Central Educational Supplies website ( or call 020 7515 1797 to discuss your requirements.

PS. If you need new storage units, cupboards, tables or benches they can help with these as well.

Here’s the answer Mr Gove
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Get your entire class writing programs that achieve outcomes that the students find interesting and meaningful – all within the first session.

The TOM simulator enables students to gain a firm understanding of how computers work in a deep way, interrupts, memory mapping, logic gates – all via a safe and easy to use WYSIWYG system.

There is more information on this on our website – You then need to click on ICT resources in the left hand panel.

Also, there is more information on our blog (which can be found on our website then click on “blog” on the left hand side).

Boardworks – free resources, lesson plans & teaching tips
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Boardworks ICT blog contains free resources, lesson plans and teaching tips for KS3, KS4 and vocational ICT teachers. Follow the weblink to download the resources free of charge or follow us on Twitter @BoardworksLtd.


Microsoft – and just one of those FREE Software Assurance Benefits
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Data Encryption – on Drives & USB sticks with Windows 7 Enterprise BitLocker secure encryption.

It seems that everyone is looking for a data encryption solution.

But did you know that potentially there is one already built in to your operating system! Check this out here …..

For more information on data encryption that can be used in your school please contact Peter on 0845 658 2552 or email him at

Free IT equipment recycle service
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We collect redundant IT equipment (PC base units, CRT monitors, TFT monitors, servers, laptops, server racks, switches, telecom switches and printers) for recycling, ensuring all data is removed and adherence to the WEEE directive by offering industry leading environmental practices.