What is the most effective way of motivating your pupils to participate in and enjoy creative writing?

Of course many children will be interested in reading and writing. But the question is always, how do we motivate everyone to become excited about literacy?

We set up our Little Books programme five years ago in which schools submit their pupils’ creative writing to us which we then publish in a quality paperback book. Teachers at the hundreds of schools that have participated have been amazed at the enthusiasm the children have demonstrated in creative writing when they are told that their work will be published in a ‘real book’. You can see some of the many testimonials we have received from these teachers on our website www.thelittlebooks.co.uk.

In short, the project involves collating and submitting your pupils’ writing (which can be on any subject) either in typed or handwritten format. This is then sent to our professional typesetters who provide first a proof of the interior followed by a full colour cover. Once both have been approved your Little Book is sent to our digital printers for printing perfect bound on quality 85 gsm crème paper and 240 gsm glossy cover card.

Publishing children’s creative writing in a ‘real paperback book’ has been proven to inspire more children to read and write, and the published books can be sold to proud family members to help raise funds for the school.

If you’re worried about time or commitment – don’t. We’ve made the whole publishing process easy so that your school can participate. Our experience in publishing Little Books has enabled us to streamline and simplify the whole publishing process from start to finish. Also, teachers, members of the PTA or Classroom Representatives have reported that they have enjoyed helping to co-ordinate the project.

We also understand that budgets are under pressure so we’ve made it cost effective and easy for your school to participate. In fact, your first copy is completely free. That’s right, we’re offering to professionally typeset your book and print one copy for free, with no obligation to purchase further copies. If you do decide to, these will cost £5 per copy + P&P with no minimum order.

We are able to make this amazing offer because we are so confident that your children, their family members and your school will love their own Little Book. Hundreds of schools have seen their pupils’ attitudes and writing skills transformed after publishing their Little Books and have set up annual writing projects. All of a sudden, reading and writing is ‘fun’.

Please contact me if you have any queries or require further information.

Tamsin Rush
Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd
t: 01483 243450
e: tamsin@grosvenorhousepublishing.co.uk
w: www.thelittlebooks.co.uk
P.S. Every child who participates in your school’s writing project receives a free ‘I am a published author’ sticker to show off.

Little Books – written by little people