What is the visitor’s first thought?

Creating the right impression for visitors to your school is always going to be of the utmost importance. But what is it that creates the right impression?

One could put comfortable furniture in the reception area, with awards and school photos on display. But what else?

It is interesting that in some locations (and schools are by no means alone in this regard) it is assumed that the visitor’s experience starts at the reception area – when in fact it actually starts as the visitor looks for signs pointing the way to that reception area.

But the impact of signs doesn’t stop there. Visitors will see signs on the doors of offices and classrooms, signs about safety, and so forth. Where these signs are printed on paper and stuck on with blue tack, all the hard work of making the reception area look smart is wasted.

The reason that some schools have been restrained in their use of quality signage has generally been because signs have been expensive to buy and install. You had to get quotes and then place the order (which may take a while to arrive); you may even have the pleasure of paying a delivery charge on top of everything else.

Thankfully, this is no longer the case. Delivery time has come down to zero, and the cost has dropped beyond belief (and all while the quality has not been affected).

This is all achieved because it is now possible to print signs on your laser printer within school. The Quick-Mark Digital is a unique product that allows you to produce self-adhesive signs, front panels and labels up to A3 size, on a standard office laser printer at an extremely low cost and with the highest quality.

All you need is some Quick-Mark Laser Film and Base Sheets and you can then print self-laminating, high quality self adhesive labels, panels or signs. The signs are highly durable, the laser toner is always sub-surface, and you can work on metal or plastic Base Sheets producing a polycarbonate finish if needed.

There is more information on this unique printing system on our website – http://www.megauk.com/qmd_signs/

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