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Free dictionaries for your students ….. is it really true?

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Well yes, it really is true!

With 384 pages and a clear, easy to read typeface, the “New Choice” dictionary is an excellent choice for your KS 3,4 and GCSE students. It’s the normal paperback size (196 x 128 mm) and costs only £1.99.

So where do the free copies come in?

Simple. Just order 100 or more copies and you’ll get 50% extra free of charge.

Order 200 and you’ll get another 100 copies free. There’s no limit to the quantity you can order and you’ll always get an extra 50% free with orders over 100 copies.

What’s more you can get the same deal with the “New Choice” Thesaurus which is also £1.99. In fact you can combine your free copies to include both dictionary

AND thesaurus eg.Order 100 dictionaries and 100 thesauri and you could get 100 Dictionaries or 100 thesauri free…or 80 dictionaries and 20 thesauri free. It’s your choice!

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