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Free dictionaries for your students ….. is it really true?

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Well yes, it really is true!

With 384 pages and a clear, easy to read typeface, the “New Choice” dictionary is an excellent choice for your KS 3,4 and GCSE students. It’s the normal paperback size (196 x 128 mm) and costs only £1.99.

So where do the free copies come in?

Simple. Just order 100 or more copies and you’ll get 50% extra free of charge.

Order 200 and you’ll get another 100 copies free. There’s no limit to the quantity you can order and you’ll always get an extra 50% free with orders over 100 copies.

What’s more you can get the same deal with the “New Choice” Thesaurus which is also £1.99. In fact you can combine your free copies to include both dictionary

AND thesaurus eg.Order 100 dictionaries and 100 thesauri and you could get 100 Dictionaries or 100 thesauri free…or 80 dictionaries and 20 thesauri free. It’s your choice!

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Boardworks English blog contains free resources, lesson plans and teaching tips for KS3, KS4 and KS5 English teachers. Follow the weblink to download the resources free of charge or follow us on Twitter @BoardworksLtd.

Pupil reports made easy

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Our point and click report writer is FREE to join and will save you hours when it comes to writing pupil reports. You can use our comments, comments from other teachers or write your own.


Our Summer Term drive to publish new resources and recruit new education consultants is now in full swing and we have already been contacted by many teachers who are looking for specific material for the new school year to fit new curriculum specifications in September.

Many have asked if we are taking on resources to cover the new syllabi they have to teach or whether they have a whole Summer’s lesson preparation work to look forward to!

Others have contacted to discuss the fact that they would probably have to write something for themselves anyhow and what exactly was the publishing deal Classroom Resources could offer.

Others still, who write for alternative publishers and are only being paid 15% to 20% royalties for their resources have asked us to put the offer in writing so they can sign up!


  • 50% royalties, that is half of the sale price, excluding VAT, of all new resources taken on to be paid back to the teacher authors in royalties.
  • Copyright to remain with the teacher authors at all times.
  • Guaranteed individual email promoting only your new resource to all HOD and interested teachers on a worldwide basis by the acknowledged independent market leaders in the field (Hamilton House). Thereafter continued promotion through various media outlets.
  • Professional proofreading, editing and publishing, all pre and post production, ISBN registration, VAT, postage and packing, handling and despatch undertaken on your behalf.
  • Printed statement sent to you of all schools, colleges and individuals who have bought your resource every 6 months together with your 50% royalty payments.

Some teachers who have contacted us have even already accrued some pre-production sales interest and potential earnings. That is before they have even written the resource!


As a Classroom Resources author we also offer you the chance to greatly enhance your experience and expertise, and of course your CV by writing sponsored material for FTSE companies, local authorities, government institutions and many other commercial organisations.

Have you thought why other “educational publishers” cannot offer their authors, the perk of fixed fee commissioned work for FTSE companies?!? Is it because they perhaps do not have the professionalism, expertise and simple educational credibility which hard nose, money making corporate institutions demand of partner businesses? Or is it because they are offering you their authors much lower royalty rates and making all their money from your resources? Or is it perhaps both of these reasons? (Answers please on a post card by this weekend!)

Innovators in publishing practising teacher’s own work we have the educational pedigree other publishers lack. Many Classroom Resources teacher authors have taken advantage of consultancy work and have recently significantly changed their “underpaid” status!

With much more consultancy work in the pipeline we would now like to take on more teacher authors with writing experience to meet our clients needs.

Take a look at the impressive Consultancy Client list on our website to see the kind of work our teacher authors produce and the subjects that we cover.

It looks great on your CV to say you have written and researched educational resources for a corporate institution and you will then receive not only royalties for your sales but fixed fee payments for all commissions.

Give us call if you would like to discuss any projects that you might be interested in or just to join our list of authors ready to accept a commission!

To see a full list of our Corporate Clients as well as samples of materials our teacher authors have produced for them go to: www.classroom-resources.co.uk


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