What price PC and Apple security?

Having computers and Apple devices stolen from the school is no-one’s favourite scenario. It is disruptive (both in terms of getting in the replacement machines and trying to recover lost data) and therefore incredibly time-consuming.

And, if a server is stolen as well, the matter can be a lot worse – not least because the Data Protection Office is increasingly showing an interest in such matters and will want assurance that the data on the machine was encrypted.

Because the number of computer and Apple thefts from schools are rising, both insurance companies and the police are endorsing the use of security cages to help reduce the loss.

These not only reduce thefts but also reduce malicious damage.

Better still, the security devices are themselves reusable. For when a computer and/or Apple device is retired from active life in the school, one can move the security device and put it on another machine.

In other words, security, once bought, provides protection for your computers and Apple devices and may well result in a discount on your insurance policy.

At PC Safe we offer a range of tower PC/server security cages and desktop PC/Server security cages that are both totally enclosed and also partially accessible, in standard and bespoke sizes.

These cages can be supplied in a colour of your choice and at a price to meet your budget.

Furthermore, these cages are insurance compatible and police recommended.

PC Safe also offer security products for all your Apple devices at very reasonable prices. You can find the full range of Apple Security Devices on our website.

For more information please visit our website www.pc-safe.co.uk, call us on 01902 784800 or email us at info@pc-safe.co.uk.