Free Geography KS3/4 resources

This free BMRA pack offers a range of learning opportunities that enable students to explore key aspects of geography through the study of real-world examples.

Students learn about place, from the location of recycling centres in their town to the location of metal ores throughout the world.

They learn about space and investigate the interactions between places and the networks created by the flow of goods. They are encouraged to consider what they can do to aid recycling on different scales, from personal, local, national, international and global perspectives.

By investigating how human actions can reduce impacts on the environment they consider the interdependent nature of physical and human processes and, importantly, how sequences of events lead to changes in places and societies.

Students consider how recycling metals is a sustainable use of resources with significant positive impacts on the environment and climate change.

Through a series of enquiry-based activities students ask geographical questions, thinking critically, constructively and creatively. They analyse and evaluate evidence, presenting findings to each other, and draw and justify conclusions. Through decision-making exercises students solve problems, develop analytical skills and are encouraged to think creatively about topical issues.

In presentations and group work activities students develop skills of graphicacy and visual literacy, using geographical information system (GIS) techniques to communicate their knowledge and understanding in both speech and writing.

For information on how this resource relates to the KS3 and KS4 national curriculum and full teacher’s notes please click here.

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Advertising Layout

Creating a successful print ad involves a dynamic mix of visual theory, consumer psychology, and nuts-and-bolts tinkering.

“Advertising Layout” is a new two-part DVD resource which provides a thorough grounding in all of the above, familiarising students with the terminology and working concepts that successful graphic designers and advertising creatives make use of on a daily basis.

Advertising Layout Part I: Space Allocations

This programme helps students understand the proper space allocation for the main elements of a two-dimensional advertisement, including the illustration, headline, copy, and logo. [more…]

Advertising Layout Part II: Visual Direction

This programme shows how to attract a reader’s attention with the layout concepts commonly known as picture window, silhouette, square zero, Mondrian, closure, over-sizing, juxtaposition, surrealism, and shock. [more…]

Although both episodes are rich in detailed guidance, their class-friendly run times make them ideal for coursework in marketing, advertising, design, and commercial art.

Available on approval from Viewtech Educational Media. To order online click on the title links above and then add to order – quote promotional discount code: HHM110 at the checkout for a 10% discount!

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FREE resources that equip young people with the skills and confidence they need to travel safely and responsibly on public transport.

UK train and bus operator Go-Ahead’s new education programme ‘Go-Learn’ is an ideal way of introducing public transport to pupils. It aims to help children and young people improve their knowledge of public transport and develop skills for independent travel. It also raises their awareness of the social, economic and environmental benefits of using buses and trains rather than cars.

David Brown, Group Chief Executive of Go-Ahead, said: “Our rail and bus services have a key role to play in the communities they serve and will become an increasingly important mode of travel for the next generation. We are committed to providing a safe, efficient and sustainable transport service and to equipping young people with the skills and knowledge they need to travel independently and with confidence on buses and trains.”

Go-Learn is free to download and uses the theme of public transport to deliver a range of informative and engaging resources which are mapped against the National Curriculum for literacy and numeracy (ages 4-7 and 7-11) and PSHE and citizenship (for ages 12-14).

Downloadable fact and worksheet topics include:

  • Different forms of public transport and their relevance in urban and rural settings
  • Bus tickets (coins, change and working out fares)
  • Environmental benefits of public transport
  • Timekeeping and understanding timetables
  • Safety when using public transport
  • The causes, consequences and impacts of anti-social behaviour on public transport
  • The importance of team work and communications in the workplace

Activities for pupils include whole-class and group discussions, individual written tasks and opportunities to carry out research. Word glossaries, extension tasks and suggestions for further study are also provided.

Go-Learn is free to download from