The general defences of insanity and automatism

G154 Special Study: Guides for the 2013 exams
At the end of June, OCR will release the sources for next year’s G154 Special Study exams. The focus for the 2013 exams will be the general defences of insanity and automatism.

Two special guides to the pre-released material are available to order now.

1. Revision Guide and Exam Practice

Notes on each aspect of insanity and automatism
Exercises to reinforce understanding (with answers and relevant cases)
Practice exam paper using the pre-released sources (with mark scheme and model answers)
This guide will help your students to get to know the sources and prepare for the exam.

2. Extension Guide

Stretch and challenge the most able students to enable them to reach the highest grades. This guide supports writing complex, analytical answers, through synopticism, depth of analysis, research, etc. It includes two full practice exam papers with mark schemes, model answers and examiner’s commentary, plus extra detail on answering Question 1 and achieving A and A* grades.

As soon as the sources are available in June, the author will start work on these resources. By September, we’ll have the Revision Guide & Exam Practice ready to send to you, with the Extension Guide following at October half term.

So, don’t spend all summer analysing the sources and preparing resources for your students. Enjoy your time off safe in the knowledge that we’re doing the hard work for you!

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The Revision Guide & Exam Practice (£59) and Extension Guide (£29) are available as photocopy masters with site licence. Also available in:

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