Structured Handwriting and Literacy Resources for secondary and above …

Make re-visiting the skills of cursive handwriting and literacy motivating, clear and constructive by using the latest resources from MSL (Multi-Sensory Learning).

1. Handwriting Rescue Scheme:

The complete programme for fully cursive handwriting includes over 300 structured exercises designed to establish a fluid, cursive letter formation and encourage an automatic response to frequently used spelling choices. Fully copiable ring bound format at £34.99 and CD-ROM format at £29.99 +VAT.

2. Handwriting Rescue Kit:

The kit contains a wallet with handwriting file paper pad, handwriting pen and activity workbook for individual use and great for personal motivation. Non copiable £18.00.

3. Handwriting Follow-on Activity Workbooks:

Two new copy master workbooks provide ‘follow-on-exercises’ for consistent, cursive handwriting, and the handwriting exercises are based on literacy skill activities using key words, punctuation and familiar sequences. Book 1 includes exercises on days of the week, months of the year, number words, question words, seasons and food vocabulary, as well as work on suffix ‘s’, contractions and proof reading. Book 2 includes exercises on soft ‘c’ and ‘g’ words, homophones, ordinal numbers, speech marks, plurals for words ending in ‘f’, the regular final syllable ‘-le’ and frequently misspelt words. £29.99 each.

4. MSL Structured Literacy Programme:

Teach, assess and monitor literacy skills using our clear, structured and motivating literacy programme. See below to visit our website for further information and free sample pages. The Programme is fully copiable in ring bound and CD-ROM formats, with prices starting at £29.99 for one Module and going up to £450.00 for the complete set.

*Sample pages and detailed information at the Multi-Sensory Learning website

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