Prepare your students for interviews

The Interview

How To Make The Most Out Of It
A DVD resource for years 10, 11 and 12
Prepare your students for…
Work Experience placement
Part-time job
Full-time job
University application

Sharpen up your students’ presentation skills using these seven short films. Designed to encourage critical self-assessment to build students confidence for the full range of interviews they are likely to face.

Issues Covered
* Self-presentation
* Being prepared
* Questions to ask
* Rights at work
* Avoiding pitfalls
* Dealing with the unethical interviewer

All seven films come with linked briefings and background information for students and co-ordinators, printable off the DVD and provide a wealth of advice and suggestions for preparing students for interviews.

The students presented are drawn from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds.

“If in your job you have anything to do with preparing students for interviews, then buy this DVD.”

Teaching Citizenship

The DVD includes
7 Separate Films indexed for immediate access
20 Linked Briefing sheets with clear advice and tips

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New Ofsted inspections and classroom behaviour

New Ofsted criteria come into force next term requiring inspectors to make greater scrutiny of low level misbehaviour in the classroom. The presence of mobile phones, of back-chat, of calling out in lessons will all meet with Ofsted’s disapproval. Ofsted will expect school leaders to take action on these matters and to be energetically managing teachers who struggle to cope. How will your school stand up to this sort of examination?

Low level persistent misbehaviour in lessons has been the curse of many teachers for generations. We all know its effects on student attainment and on teacher morale. But because low level hassles don’t demand instant action by senior leaders, minor misbehaviour has all too often been tolerated as the teacher’s lot in many schools. Not any longer if Sir Michael has his way!

The good news is that you can satisfy these Ofsted requirements without turning your school upside down and adding to everyone’s stress. Indeed you can decrease teacher stress and increase pupil attainment by introducing a tried and tested approach – the Assertive Discipline® programme, a zero tolerance approach to classroom time-wasting.

The latest professional development programme in Assertive Discipline® shows teachers –

how to create a logical, fair and simple behaviour system for the classroom
how to establish their ‘presence’ and project their authority in the classroom
how to apply practical strategies for teaching better behaviour which are embedded within the delivery of the curriculum.
Assertive Discipline® is the longest established programme in the UK, recommended by government when it was introduced to schools, and developed and refined to meet the ever-changing needs of our schools. It trains teachers to deal quickly with low level disruption by winning over the floating voters in the classroom. It provides teachers with skills to become empowered to confront more challenging and disruptive behaviour.

We are the only educational organisation licensed to provide the Assertive Discipline® Master Class for teachers to be able to lead the programme in their own schools. This provides you with accreditation as an Assertive Discipline® programme trainer, able to lead the programme back in your own school.

Hundreds of schools and thousands of teachers have been trained in this simple yet practical method. The programme now includes “The Three Teaching Steps” – the basis of all good teaching, not only to manage better behaviour but also to manage curriculum more effectively.

Four ways to develop the programme in your school

Conscious as we are of limited budgets and limited time for training, we propose four optional routes you can take to introduce your staff to the Assertive Discipline® teaching methods:

Send a member of staff to our next three day Assertive Discipline® Master Class and Leaders programme on 19th, 20th & 21st June. This training takes place at our office in Eagle Tower, Cheltenham, and will be tutored by Dr Geoff Moss. We limit the number of participants on this course to ensure that everyone’s needs are properly met. Costs for all three days will be £530 plus VAT. If you wish accreditation as a registered Assertive Discipline® trainer you need to attend all three days. Alternatively teachers may attend the Master Class two days only (19th & 20th June) – cost £395 plus VAT. We allow 20% reduction on the cost of any further training for your school. Please phone 0870 241 8262 or email to register.
Make use of our train the trainers Assertive Discipline® Leaders programme undertaken within school. Identify a group of prospective programme leaders from among your own staff (ideally a ratio of one teacher leader for every ten staff), and arrange with us to come into school to train them in our Master Class and Leader programme. This school-focused course requires 2 or 3 days to complete, depending on the systems and the behaviour management skills already in place. Please phone us on 0870 241 8262 or email to discuss how this could be tailored to your needs.
DIY. We have produced a digital version of the Assertive Discipline® Master Class as a 5 CD pack. It contains a complete PowerPoint presentation with voice over by Geoff Moss, the full secondary or primary teacher video training programme presented by John Bayley, all with a site licence for you to edit and present to your own staff to suit your school needs. Click here for more information.
We also provide full In-School training for teaching and non-teaching staff with the programme. We have a proven track record of providing stimulating, entertaining and informative training in Assertive Discipline® for all types of schools. See the testimonials page on our website.

“Thank you for the outstanding quality of the training day which you led”

“Has dramatically improved behaviour”


“Made an enormous difference to how our staff and pupils relate to each other and has developed a highly positive ethos. These training opportunities really work!”

“One of the most successful INSET days in a decade and the staff response was overwhelmingly enthusiastic and positive. I personally found it inspirational.”

“The Assertive Discipline Master Class that I attended has proven to be invaluable. … I just wanted to say ‘Thank you’ for your passion and commitment to an excellent training programme.”

Behaviour & Learning Management, Eagle Tower, Montpellier Drive,
Cheltenham GL50 1TA Telephone 0870 241 8262


Structured Handwriting and Literacy Resources for secondary and above …

Make re-visiting the skills of cursive handwriting and literacy motivating, clear and constructive by using the latest resources from MSL (Multi-Sensory Learning).

1. Handwriting Rescue Scheme:

The complete programme for fully cursive handwriting includes over 300 structured exercises designed to establish a fluid, cursive letter formation and encourage an automatic response to frequently used spelling choices. Fully copiable ring bound format at £34.99 and CD-ROM format at £29.99 +VAT.

2. Handwriting Rescue Kit:

The kit contains a wallet with handwriting file paper pad, handwriting pen and activity workbook for individual use and great for personal motivation. Non copiable £18.00.

3. Handwriting Follow-on Activity Workbooks:

Two new copy master workbooks provide ‘follow-on-exercises’ for consistent, cursive handwriting, and the handwriting exercises are based on literacy skill activities using key words, punctuation and familiar sequences. Book 1 includes exercises on days of the week, months of the year, number words, question words, seasons and food vocabulary, as well as work on suffix ‘s’, contractions and proof reading. Book 2 includes exercises on soft ‘c’ and ‘g’ words, homophones, ordinal numbers, speech marks, plurals for words ending in ‘f’, the regular final syllable ‘-le’ and frequently misspelt words. £29.99 each.

4. MSL Structured Literacy Programme:

Teach, assess and monitor literacy skills using our clear, structured and motivating literacy programme. See below to visit our website for further information and free sample pages. The Programme is fully copiable in ring bound and CD-ROM formats, with prices starting at £29.99 for one Module and going up to £450.00 for the complete set.

*Sample pages and detailed information at the Multi-Sensory Learning website

Multi-Sensory Learning, Highgate House, Creaton, Northampton NN6 8NN

Tel: 01604 505000 Fax: 01604 505001 Email: Web: