How can you possibly know about every special need?

In PSHE it is often a challenge to get up to date information on key issues to use in the classroom. Issues relating to Substance Abuse, Mental Health Issues, Depression, Eating Disorders, Self Harm. Loss, Separation and Bereavement are often discussed.

To help overcome this challenge the details of 43 of the most common and equally most often misunderstood special needs are given in 2 books:

A Guide to Syndromes and Conditions
A Guide to More Syndromes and Conditions.
In each case the condition is defined in terms of the characteristics and symptoms. Guidance is given on strategies and treatments followed by details of other useful resources.

These books are available from

Cost of these resources:

£25 plus £2 postage and packaging (if one book purchased)
£40 plus £4 postage and packaging (if two books purchased)
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