Beyond the Oxford English Dictionary

My aunt was a teacher in the middle of the last century. A lovely, kind and giving lady she was very much of the old school, and she would on occasion rail against the way spellings were modified in advertisements and popular culture.

Cereals such as Weetabix came in for comment, as did the re-writing of magic as “magick”.

But it was popular music that really heated up the discussion. Why were the Beatles not the Beetles? What was the “Led” in Led Zepplin supposed to mean? And as for “Mama Weer All Crazee Now” – well it was just beyond the pale.

Today, if she were still with us, I fear she would have serious words to say about Creme Eggs, Blu-ray and Froot Loops.

Indeed so strong were her opinions that I rather imagine that the Kumfi range of industrial matting, should she ever have come across it, would have caused her to sit down and take a few deep breaths.

But then she was a teacher, not a person with a legal responsibility to ensure that workers and visitors to factories and warehouses who stand in one area of the floor a lot do not wear the flooring out.

But when you do have such a responsibility, it is of course important to get the right matting in the right place. The Light Duty Kumfi Rib and the Light Duty Kumfi Pebble, for example, are for use in dry areas. The Medium Duty Kumfi Diamond is for the same areas but comes with extra thick closed cell matting and bevelled edges.

The Heavy Duty Kumfi Tough is a premium vinyl sponge matting and the Ulta Heavy Duty Tuffzone is the heaviest grade of PVC matting built to individual requirements, as well as taking us into dimensions of the language that the Oxford Dictionary has not yet contemplated.

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