Combating conflict with character

Preparing students for social and interpersonal conflict is as challenging as any academic subject. However, there is a new set of resources available to help those responsible for educating teenagers about common behavioural dilemmas surrounding bullying, peer pressure, prejudice, anger and conflict management.

The COMBATING CONFLICT WITH CHARACTER series of resources emphasise character-building as a prime ingredient in overcoming relationship conflicts. Each resource centres around video dramatisations, candid interviews, and expert commentary to define basic ideas, illustrate ways in which conflicts often play out, and ultimately present methods for diffusing them – based on honesty, awareness, and respect for others – all to help pupils navigate the dilemmas surrounding social and interpersonal conflict.

There are 5 resources in the set, each focusing on a specific area with the aid of a 30-minute DVD programme and a downloadable support guide featuring an overview of the DVD programme and its main topics, some pre-programme and post-programme discussion questions, suggested group activities, student projects ideas, internet activities and assessment questions and answers. View a sample support guide here

For further details, preview clips and on-line ordering click on the title links below:

Handling Peer Pressure

Overcoming Prejudice

Dealing with Bullying

Handling Anger and Frustration

Managing Conflict Resolution

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