Why this school?

Some parents know from the moment their child is born which school they want the child to go to. But of course for many others the choice of school is a matter of considerable concern and debate.

Parents make their final decision in many ways – taking into account the views of other parents, the school’s broader reputation, the impression gained on a visit to the school, the ease of getting to the school, and through a review of the school prospectus.

When it comes to the school’s prospectus, increasingly parents are anticipating that they will be able to see this information online. Where one school offers an interactive prospectus online and another does not, then the parents will tend to move towards the school with the interactive prospectus, not just because it tends to give increased information, but also because it reflects (in the parents’ eyes) a school more in touch with the modern world.

Such “interactive prospectuses” can include video content, dynamic image galleries, and interactive forms. Although there is a cost in setting up such a prospectus, it can also have a saving for schools for you will then be able to offer a smaller version of the printed prospectus – and indeed many parents will be satisfied with the online version and not seek a printed version at all.

What’s more small details in an online prospectus can be changed as needed, without any change being required to the full prospectus. And the school can promote itself more readily as being environmentally conscious.

If you would like to see some examples of an online prospectus you might like to see

St Peters High School – Online Interactive Prospectus

Burntwood School – Online Interactive Prospectus

A broader online brochure/prospectus with interactive features such as forms, videos, sliding images can be seen by clicking here.

What these online prospectus do is not just provide details of what the school does and pictures of what is in the school, they show the parent the essence of a very modern progressive school. They reflect the whole ethos of the school – not as a set of bullet points, but through the way in which the prospectus is laid out and its message is delivered via contemporary technology.

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