KS5 AQA Sociology Gender and Education

Our AQA A-Level Sociology gender and education presentation includes 30 PowerPoint slides which focus on the topic of gender and education and the changes that have occurred.

The presentation explores external societal reasons as to the changes examined, as well as internal factors within schools. It begins with a look at the current situation in education and examines the difference between boys and girls and their educational success.

It then goes on to examine the history of gender and educational achievement. It also considers numerous sociological reasons as to why girls underachieved in the past. These include patriarchal curriculum, the influence of the hidden curriculum, the dominance of boys within the classroom, teacher expectations, cultural values, socialisation and parental expectations, as well as material deprivation, biological differences and peer pressure.

The sociological reasons as to why girls educational success has recently improved is also covered. These include an exploration of feminism, changes in the family, changing attitudes, new educational polices, etc.

In addition to this it looks at why boys may be currently underachieving in comparison to their female counterparts. It does this by exploring ideas of peer group status, unrealistic attitudes, labelling and employment prospects.

The presentation concludes with an examination of the importance of the topic by looking at Cohen’s idea of ‘moral panics’. Key studies and their critiques as well as key government policies are investigated throughout, and the final slide has exam questions for the students to practise.

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