Teaching economic well-being

Economic well-being has been part of the primary curriculum since Every Child Matters was introduced in 2003.

However, despite the fact that this innovation was introduced nearly a decade ago there is still little in the way of material that directly relates to helping primary school pupils develop a deeper understanding of how companies work and how consumers can influence the companies with whom they interact.

It is for this reason that the simulation approach has been developed as part of teaching economic well-being. It has become, in fact, the basic way of helping children understand how companies work.

This approach is activity centred in which the pupils form companies to manufacture and sell products, and it is an approach that is explored in full in Mind Your Own Business. This is a copiable resource (available as a photocopiable book and on CD) which contains a wide range of stand-alone sessions, support work and follow-up activities, and a whole range of further steps linked to curriculum subjects.

Throughout these activities children make a positive contribution to their team and develop an understanding of how their decisions, wishes and thoughts, relate to companies.

As a result the sessions simulate the achievement of economic wellbeing which can easily be adapted to create products for sale at school or in fairs, in order to apply the system to real life situations.

Following Mind Your own Business pupils create a brand, make products and sell products – and through this develop a much deeper economic awareness than would otherwise be the case.

There are extracts from this resource, ISBN 978 1 86083 825 5, order code T1783EMN, at http://www.pdf.firstandbest.co.uk/primary/T1783.pdf


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