Great Empires of the Past

Core Concepts Video Clip Library
This video clip library of 36 two-to-three minute segments on one chaptered DVD provides a concise survey of 12 history-changing empires:

Ancient Mesopotamia
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome
The Ancient Maya
Ancient Persia
Alexander the Great
Medieval West Africa
Medieval Islamic World
The Mongols
The Incas
The Aztecs
Each empire is given an overview segment, including a timeline graphic to place it within the context of world history, and two additional segments that delve deeper into areas of particular importance. Connections to modern life and society are emphasised throughout, to help viewers see ancient history as a living presence in today’s world.

Reviews & Awards

“The primary strength of Great Empires of the Past is its consistent use of images of genuine art, artefacts, and monuments to illustrate each empire. The editing and visual style is fresh and lively, but does not obscure the iconic images …. Provides concise yet insightful introductions to key concepts as well as geographical and historical contexts…. Teachers will find the 2- to 3-minute segments useful as writing prompts, discussion prompts, or simply a way to add variety to classroom instruction and reach auditory and visual learners. Each segment could easily be used independently of all the others. Recommended.” — Educational Media Reviews Online

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