GCSE Differentiated Exam Practice For French, German and Spanish

The perfect solution for consolidating learning and offering exam practice
in mixed ability classes

As part of final preparations before the exams, teachers are finding Differentiated Exam Practice to be an invaluable resource. What makes these packs special is that the exam-style questions are arranged by topic and by ability, so it’s easy to select exactly what you need for the students in your class.

Each pack contains fifty different texts with comprehension questions, five for each topic:

Two for Foundation
Two for Higher
One for Gifted & Talented.
Every exercise exactly matches the requirements of the exam board specification, so students are practising essential exam techniques at the same time as revising the vocabulary and structures essential to the GCSE course.

Use these for starters, homeworks, end-of-topic consolidation, exam practice – the possibilities are endless! What’s certain is that you’ll find suitable exercises whatever the ability of your GCSE students and whichever topic they’re studying.

Differentiated Exam Practice is available for French, German and Spanish; AQA, Edexcel and WJEC; Reading and Listening. To preview each pack and to order, see: zigzag.at/UM47

Differentiated Exam Practice is available as photocopy masters, PDF files and editable Word files.

Differentiated Exam Practice for GCSE Listening also comes with professionally recorded listening files on CD.

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