Help for SBMS in time management with TES

Now there’s help for school business managers who want to work more effectively.

PropertyPrefect from TES Foundation is already helping thousands of school users achieve better buildings management by taking the time, money and hassle out of premises maintenance and health and safety. Find out more.

Our new Suppliers and Connections module helps SBMs work together, sharing practical information on which local suppliers offer great service and value.

If you knew what other SBMs knew about local suppliers, wouldn’t you save time?

If you’re already working with other schools, in a cluster, federation, partnership or group of Academies, TES Foundation gives you the online tools to stay connected and share data effortlessly.

If you’re on your own, it’s the quick and simple way to make connections.

Set your supplier database up quickly and easily; you can even import your existing contacts from a spreadsheet.
Notify suppliers of issues with one click.
Invite other schools to connect and share your supplier list.
The more connections you have, the more shared information you will have access to.
Use our star rating system and comments from other school business managers to find the best person for the job.
Add reviews to your own suppliers and share them with other schools.
An excellent tool for clusters, federations, partnerships and groups of academies.
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