What is the simplest way to make major financial and efficiency savings in your school

It is a simple fact that few schools have access to anyone who is trained in the issue of contracts and Procurement.

As a result, when major purchases are made in schools (such as printing systems, telephone systems, major equipment items for departments, book purchases, etc) it is generally the supplier who writes the contract and sets down the terms and conditions.

Of course, if these contracts were between companies and individuals then the Sale of Goods Act would apply. But with contracts between companies and schools this Act does not apply. While the terms and conditions of a purchase can’t be unfair, they certainly can be written to favour one party (usually the supplier) rather than the other (the school).

Most suppliers are perfectly reasonable people, but they need to make a profit, and the issue therefore is, are they making a reasonable profit or are they trying to exploit the school for their own benefit?

Corporate Contract Management runs the School Procurement and Contracts seminars to help senior managers in schools get to grips with the procurement process, reduce the risk to the school and ensure their school gets the best out of their purchases.

An overview of our training course and details of forthcoming presentations are given at http://www.admin.org.uk/CCMseminars.html

Full details of everything covered within the one day course are given at www.admin.org.uk/CCMoneday.html

If you have any questions about the course please do call 01536 399007 or email sam@admin.org.uk

These courses are promoted by the School of Educational Administration on behalf of Corporate Contract Management