What is the most effective way of helping your students manage anger?

This step-by-step, straightforward programme of ten lesson plans provides all the information you need to run a successful Anger Management programme with your students. It will enable them to gain the essential skills they need to develop their emotional literacy, using real-life examples with which they will identify. During the course, participants will learn:

impulse control
active listening
understanding of non-verbal cues
conflict resolution and mediation.
Central to the programme is how to deal with angry outbursts – known as ‘emotional hijacks’ – both pre- and post-hijack. It will offer your students a way through their anger to a more optimistic outlook, a better focus and acceptance of other people.

The aim, required resources and methods are outlined at the beginning of each lesson and are all accompanied by user-friendly, reproducible student and teacher worksheets. The programme is available for either primary or secondary students and in each case is priced at £39.95 + VAT plus £3.50 Post and packing.

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Anger Management – Primary, Order code: 043HH
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