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The History of Advertising Trust was set up in 1976 to rescue, collect and preserve the heritage of the UK advertising industry and to make it available to all for research and study.

It became a charity in 1978 and its archive has grown to become the most comprehensive collection of UK advertising and brand communications in the world.

Due to the richness and diversity of its collections, with access to thousands of authentic and accurate data sources and images, comprehensive e-learning resources, expert knowledge of the advertising sector and links with key institutions and leading advertising agencies within the industry, The History of Advertising Trust is well positioned to support your teaching needs.

We publish regular free bulletins for teachers, entitled ‘Advertising in Education’, which contain informative news stories and features from our advertising collections, articles relevant to curriculum topic areas, suggestions for use in the classroom as well as providing access to various resources.

Subscribers can suggest advertising topics, concepts or themes relevant to the curriculum, to feature in future bulletins and can ask questions in relation to the subject.

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