AQA Economics Model Answers for A2

I have written model answers to all AQA Economics 25 mark questions set at A2 since the start of the new specification. These answers cover both ECON3 and ECON4 and there are 50 answers in total.

I am wondering whether they might of help to you in working with your students to produce improved exam grades this summer.

The resource is available from or by e-mailing Simply state your choice from the following options, along with your postal address, and I will send out a CD containing the resource, along with an invoice:

Single user: £40
Site licence for 10 users: £50
Site licence for 20 users: £60
Site licence for unlimited users: £70
Site licence for unlimited users with facility to edit the answers: £85
Kind regards,

Peter Cramp

Distinctive features of the resource include:

Each answer is annotated using the standard symbols of examiners such as ‘An’ for analysis and ‘E’ for evaluation in order that it can easily be seen where each skill is used and students learn better how to structure a good essay.

The answers include support for evaluative points using real world examples and data. It is useful to see how a small selection of real world knowledge can be tailored to the different questions set.

A relatively small number of key diagrams are used. Students can pick up which diagrams are most important from seeing those which are used in multiple essays.

The answers include a guide to exam technique for writing 25 mark answers.

The resource is comprehensive as it covers all 25 mark questions set to date. I am hopeful that teachers will find it valuable always to have an answer to hand when providing feedback on homework.

Purchase with a site licence will enable you to install the resource on your school’s VLE if you wish.