Field trips: what if something goes wrong?

The educational benefit of school visits far outweighs the risk but you do need to think about and prepare for the worst.

Of course visits are excellent, interesting, exciting and memorable events.

But occasionally, just occasionally, something can go wrong – and if that does happen then you and the school will need to act quickly and assuredly when dealing with pupils, staff and parents, and of course the media.

Most Heads of Department and school management recognise that to be able to do this they really do need some training to ensure that everyone handles the situation well, appearing controlled, sympathetic and confident – all at the same time.

To help ensure that the school is equipped as and when the situation arises, and to offer suitable training with a minimal amount of disruption to the school, we’ve introduced a new approach to crisis training.

It starts with an audit of the school’s existing crisis management systems (to ensure that they are legally compliant) and is followed by the training of the key members of staff so that they will know exactly what to do if something unfortunate occurs.

Thus if and when something awful does happen the key members of staff can take control and work through the process, helping those involved, helping the children’s parents if need be, and helping the school manage the most difficult of circumstances.

If you would like to see how your department, and indeed your school, could be prepared and organised ready for anything that happens, with a minimum of fuss and disruption, please take a look at or call us on 01183 800 140.