Do your table tennis bats last a full school year?

Do your table tennis bats last for a term? A month? A week? We have a solution that lasts much longer and we will even send you a free sample.

We understand the problem. It’s simply too tempting for the children to pick at the rubber that covers the wooden blade whilst waiting for their turn to play. Tempting it may be, but in no time at all, the bat is rendered useless and confined to the rubbish bin.

So, how do we solve the problem?

By switching from traditional table tennis bats to the Tacteo range of composite bats from Cornilleau.

But what about the playing performance I hear you ask?

Fear not. The Tacteo 30 Schoolsport bat from Cornilleau is the answer to the problem. The bats are shock resistant with a solid core and non-detachable covering. They are ergonomic, comfortable to use and the new Grip+ covering ensures a great playing performance.

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At a special schools rate of £33 for a box of 6 and FREE delivery, they represent great value for money. And if you need to be further convinced then we would be happy to send you a sample free of charge.

As the market leader in table tennis, we also have the full range of Cornilleau table tennis equipment available.

To order your bats directly, to request a free sample, or for any further information, simply e-mail us at:

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