Media Studies digital advertising resources for Key Stage 4 & 5

Nearly every field of employment, across every industry, is dependent on digital technology. Within the creative and media industries, advertising has had to adapt to the rapid development of digital technology, and now digital media is integral to a vast array of advertising campaigns.

Advertisements can be used in the classroom in a multitude of ways, from sparking a discussion about changes in attitudes to gender and race, to introducing students to generic conventions or key aspects of textual analysis and media theory. Covering a whole campaign across multiple media-platforms allows you to deliver learning about complex issues such as audience and ideologies while ensuring that your students have a clear understanding of the multi-faceted media world they are all very much a part of.

The History of Advertising Trust has developed an online digital advertising case study, full of examples of real advertising campaigns and multi-use classroom resources, to help you to support your students in their creative and media learning.

The focus of this resource case study is Lynx, Unilever’s number one male personal care brand, used by over 80% of its target audience (18 to 25 year old men). The case study demonstrates how advertising the Lynx brand has changed with the development of digital media, and how the brand continues to communicate a single, clear message to its target audience, despite using a wide mix of media channels.

Covering mass media distribution, fragmented audiences, personalisation and more, you will be able to use the case study to develop your own teaching material and download the videos and examples for use in the classroom. You will see how Lynx successfully embedded the product within their target audience’s lifestyle through the varied use of mobile phone and Facebook apps, interactive online games, social networking and bespoke websites. View interviews with the advertising agency team responsible for the campaigns to get their opinions on how advertising a brand has changed since the advent of digital and social media and bring your students closer to the real workplace.

Designed to save you time and effort developing lesson plans, at £30 this online resource represents great value for money as it is simple to purchase, quick and easy to download, and adaptable for use in a variety of different ways in the classroom.

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